II-VI ZnSe Infrared Lens - 3/4" OD

II-VI ZnSe Infrared Lens - 3/4" OD

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3/4" (19.05mm) diameter Zinc Selenide (ZnSe) meniscus lens

This lens is suitable for most CO2 laser cutters with a 3/4" OD lens housing. 

II-VI Infrared is the world leader in laser optics, delivering an unbeatable combination of innovation, quality, and expertise.

Meniscus lenses are designed to minimize spherical aberration and produce the smallest possible focal spot.


  • Material: II-VI ZnSe coating 10,600nm
  • Lens type: Meniscus
  • Edge thickness : 2.3mm
  • Diameter tolerance: +0/-0.1mm
  • Thickness tolerance: -0/0.1mm
  • Aperture: 90% of the Diameter
  • Face accuracy (radial deviation / irregularity) at 0.63um : less than 0.20%
  • AR Coating Reflectivity Per surface at 10.6 microns : less than 0.20%
  • For use with 30W-200W CO2 Laser Engraver/Cutter